What we offer


Consulting & Project Management

Strategy & Consulting

Effective strategy is driven by business needs, opportunities, and the right choice of technology.

We spend time understanding your business requirements and learning about your goals to help devise a road map to deliver technology-driven business results.

We can deliver strategy planning and business/technology consulting services for implementation within your company, for any project size, including ad-hoc projects and ongoing support.

Project Management

Have an idea? We can help you bring your idea to life.

When it comes to software development, effective management & control are imperative. We manage the full process, from planning to implementation, and post-delivery support

All through this, we give our clients full visibility over the entire process to that they have a clear view of the entire project lifecycle.


Big Data

3.0 zettabytes of data online...and growing

That's 3 with 21 0s behind it! Organisations have a lot of structured & unstructured data, stored in different systems and increasing in size, complexity and importance. But users consume the data in an isolated fashion, unable to have a global view. With growing amounts of data, extracting meaning is a constant struggle.

Big Data is an obstacle whose complexity is evolving by the day.

Artificial Intelligence technology to convert Big Data to Intelligent Data.

In partnership with Algorithmic Digital Solutions, a data solutions specialist, we can help make sense of Big Data. Our intelligent data solutions are driven by artificial intelligent (AI) algorithms and are moulded to sit your custom requirements.

The AI platform integrates multiple data sources to present a unified quantitative analysis environment. But we don't stop there. We also empower you with the ability to crunch data for meaningful insights in a very focussed and efficient manner.

Visit Algorithmic Digital Solutions for more information.


Mobile & Web Applications

Sometimes off-the-shelf just can’t deliver.

Custom software applications are tailored to suit your specific needs rather than a generic tool built for the market. From mobile apps to custom software we can help connect the dots between your issues and solutions.

It's all about business efficiency and how you can turbo-charge your core services.

So when custom software helps to simplify your internal process, reduce time, and make client management easier, then that’s a good return on investment.



Web design is more than what your audience sees on a page...

...it is also about their interaction with your brand and your services. It's an important statement of what makes your business different. And so it needs to make an impact by delivering a great first impression.

We like doing websites differently.

We can help you with bold website designs aimed that not only look great, but also help your business. From planning to design, from development to launch, we can help you with a powerful online presence.

And our partnership doesn't stop once your new website goes live. We can empower its online reach through Social Media and Search marketing campaigns specifically tailored to your business.

In a world where online audiences are ever demanding, the right type of website presence is now more important than ever.



Social media is an ever-evolving beast.

It’s become a powerful business medium and is more likely than other marketing channels to impact your audience’s path to purchasing. This is a critical element of your customer’s journey when deciding on buying your products.

How you choose to use social media will inevitably determine your success online.

Search algorithms are always changing and so sales generated by Social Media advertising are on the rise. This empowers your social campaign by giving you control on what is shown, when it gets shown, and to whom.

Get in touch to learn more about our fully-integrated social media and advertising solutions to enable your business to supercharge its online presence.


Online Reputation

Perception is important.

Your target audience is increasingly basing its decision making on information found online prior to making any buying decisions. Good reviews reinforce your reputation; but bad content can turn away your potential clients.

Imagine negative articles and bad reviews appearing as search results for your personal or company’s name. The reputational impact of this can be debilitating. Search engines have a long memory when it comes to scandals, negative photos and comments.

Taking control of your online reputation

We can help push down the negative search results. Each case is considered individually and unique plans are created for online reputation management.

And, we don't stop after dealing with your negative data online. We then proactively manage and stay on top of your online reputation from that point on. After all, prevention is better than cure.